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Center for Regulation and Contract Law (CRCL)

Center for Regulation and Contract Law 

Party autonomy and freedom of contract are fundamental value judgements of our private law system. They grant individuals the freedom to assert their subjective will over objective reason and external value judgments. However, does and should private law also pursue an overarching purpose?

The CRCL contributes to the identification of legitimate uses of contract law for regulatory purposes. The primary focus is on welfare goals, including optimal resource utilization, sustainability, prohibition of discrimination, protection of the vulnerable, prevention of over-indebtedness, and ensuring the availability of affordable housing.

Given that legal scholarship lacks its own set of tools for a legal impact analysis, CRCL particularly employs (behavioral) economic methods. Furthermore, it aims to assess findings derived from empirical legal research regarding the impacts of legal norms on individuals' choices and behavior.

Researchers from various disciplines collaborate at the CRCL, introducing diverse areas of expertise. In addition to jointly pursued research projects, the center offers further education opportunities and provides advisory support to regulators.